Thursday, March 31, 2011


Chris has been working on many new items for Artistic Figures in Cloth where he is going to be having a vendor's table. As cute as his pieces are in person, you really can't imagine the impact of the glass vacuum tubes made into robot shapes. If you read SpeedieBeadie then you know we are so addicted to thrift stores and flea markets. Chris & I walk through the aisle each of us on the look out for something that can inspire us. Or sometimes, Chris will just bite the bullet and go through some of the many boxes of things we accumulated. Winter weather did that last week fooling us with some Spring weather and then snow & just yesterday..even more snow. Chris found an old lamp in a box along with a bag of old Christmas lights. He sat down & came up with this rocket that actually lights up. He got me to sit down and draw up a pattern for a new doll that could ride the rocket. Then once again into his stash, and he found the perfect item for the astronaut's helmet. So here is the one, the only...ROCKET MAN

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